Making History in ‘Game Over’ Scenes

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Blair drowning his sorrows - "game over" in Wing Commander IVPerversely proud to be included in Cracked‘s round-up of “The 5 Most Sadistic ‘Game Over’ Scenes in Video Game History.” (Wing Commander IV, the script for which I co-authored, made #4.)

My partner Frank De Palma and I were always looking for ways to have a little more fun with “Game Over” sequences. In Wing Commander III, “game over” meant you actually got to see your coffin shot into space like a photon torpedo. (Cold comfort, but at least the government spent money on you when you bought the farm!)

I’ve never been above a little bit of sadism in a creative context.

Coincidentally, Wing Commander III is being offered for free via Origin’s “On the House” promotion through September 2, 2014. To quote IGN, “download some retro-style space combat.” See how it was done nearly a generation ago…

Original Dramatic Content on

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Attended a seminar on e-publishing at the WGA in Los Angeles this past Saturday (a lot of screenwriters, including me, also write books): the e-book ecosystem has grown exponentially in just a few years, and Hollywood has been paying attention! Corroborating my own personal observations, speakers and panelists all agreed that the entertainment industry is ever more interested in setting up pre-existing source material (a book, a graphic novel, a play, etc.).

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GRRM Screenwriting Grant

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NMFFI’ve been contributing a bit of time to the New Mexico Film Foundation to help the Foundation launch a new screenwriting grant (generously underwritten by novelist/screenwriter George R.R. Martin, a Santa Fe resident himself) — expressly for New Mexico residents working in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

You can enjoy Foundation director Dirk Norris’s live unveiling of the grant here. Deadline for submissions is September 15, and one very talented entrant will be winning the grant in early November to help him/her complete and polish an original feature film or television pilot script. Full details on the grant webpage referred to in paragraph 1.

Good luck to all the entrants (and who knows? — some of them may be my students)!

Bonus video below: my wife Carolyn Miller, my colleague Hank Rogerson and myself at the event where the grant was unveiled.


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Lightning and rain permitting, my colleague Professor Brad Wolfley and I (representing The Film School at SFUAD) are launching (in partnership with Canyon Road’s famed Pushkin Gallery) a new initiative we’re calling OVF@Pushkin.

Each Friday night, OVF@Pushkin will be reprising an installation from SFUAD’s annual Outdoor Vision Fest — using the gallery’s historic architecture at 550 Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

For the inaugural outing, student artist Chris Beran will be live-mixing visual loops and electronic music. Most of the galleries are closed by nightfall, but tourists continue to art-window shop, and both tourists and locals head to two of Santa Fe’s finest restaurants, The Compound (tip: they have a great, inexpensive bar menu) and Geronimo. Pushkin Gallery has been a tremendous supporter of SFUAD and The Film School, and we’re honored to be working with them on this new initiative.

Hey, go support our Film students, the local art scene and the local restaurant scene.

OVF 2014

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OVF 2014 Boombox

OVF student installation before projection mapping: fueled by energy drinks.

OVF 2014 has come and gone — more than 50 student installations debuting, and a truly great crowd (although we don’t have a final count yet). The Albuquerque Journal North quoted me a few times in this article, published the morning of the May 2 show. (And for fun, here’s a snapshot of the May 1 Cinevision panel I spoke on, discussing emergent media.)

OVF 2015 is less than a year away (May 1, 2015 to be precise).

But before starting that prep, I swing my attention back to Final Projects and Final Exams at The Film School. When the spring semester concludes, I anticipate returning to the scripting of a couple of feature screenplays. Which means I should be keeping a lower profile in the months ahead…

Julia Goldberg Morning Show: Reprise

May 1, 2014 Leave a comment

Podcast iconAnd in case you missed the live broadcast of the Julia Goldberg Morning Show (where I joined SFUAD colleague Jason Goodyear in chatting with Julia), here’s the link to the complete archived broadcast of the May 1 show. Fast-forward to the 30-minute mark, and you’ll get a full half-hour segment on all things Outdoor Vision Fest.

Cinevision Panel – May 1, 4pm

May 1, 2014 Leave a comment

A reminder about the inaugural Cinevision event — a panel I’ll be appearing on hosted by New Mexico Lawyers for the Arts, called: Experiments in Light and Space. 4pm, Thursday, May 1, at The Screen in Santa Fe. Immersive dome artist and consultant Ethan Bach has been added to the panel. Come out if you can! We’ll try to make it super-interesting and informative …


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