Celtx scriptwriting program

Been playing around with Celtx (pronounced “kel-tex”), a free open source authoring program that combines scriptwriting, storyboarding, outlining, breakdown generation and more. I’ll probably write a lot more about this when I revive altscreenwriters.com later this year (one of my Fall projects).

The film and TV biz is pretty conservative when it comes to changes in how scripts are composed and generated, but Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter should probably be a little worried. Celtx seems to produce a decent looking script, and its convergence of features should be of interest to ultra low-budget independent media projects. I haven’t looked at Celtx Studio, but this seems to offer another approach to collaborative project management.

I plan to indicate Celtx into my undergraduate screenwriting teaching this Fall, and it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

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