MASTERING CELTX Available for Pre-Order

Mastering CeltxMy new book Mastering Celtx is being published by Cengage Learning, and can now be pre-ordered at any of your favorite booksellers (brick-and-mortar, and online).

Celtx describes itself as an all-in-one media pre-production tool. For years, novice and professional screenwriters have had to spend a good chunk of change for either Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter in order to compose and distribute professional looking screenplays. Celtx is open-source and free.

Moreover, when I first discovered Celtx a couple of years ago, I realized this new authoring tool came closer to solving some of the problems of the 21st century content creator working in a digital, rather than paper-and-binder, kind of world.

I’ll be discussing more of these issues in coming weeks and months, but if this sounds of interest, I hope you’ll check out the book — and if you buy it and then see me in person, I will be happy to sign it for you!

Additionally, I’ll be maintaining a Twitter feed about the book: @masteringceltx.