Traveling to Savannah and Talking Art and Media

posthaus2Professors do a lot of things (beyond teaching classes, which is a substantial enough commitment on its own). This past week I presented a paper at the biennial Foundations in Art: Theory and Education (FATE) conference held in Savannah, Georgia.

The title of the topic was: Outdoor Vision Fest: A New Approach to Innovating Interdisciplinary Collaborations. You can check out the accompanying slideshow for the presentation here.

I’m very proud of spearheading Santa Fe University’s Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF) for a third straight year: we’re going to have dozens of new and very exciting installations premiering on the night of April 26, spotlighting cutting-edge media in many forms.

FATE is primarily devoted to studio art, but as I pointed out in my paper, my own professional role (as a screenwriter) is the conceptualization and development of time-based media art. It was a privilege sharing ideas with my extremely dedicated, passionate, talented and inspirational art colleagues; listening to artist and art educator Tim Rollins discuss his experiences at the keynote address; talking to educators and students at Savannah College of Art and Design; and additionally, delighting in a bit of Savannah’s ambience.