Outdoor Vision Fest 2013 A Success

(c)Eric Swanson

Santa Fe University‘s Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF) 2013 was attended by more than a thousand people, and as the photo here proves, we couldn’t have gotten nicer weather (this snap shows off Santa Fe’s pretty skies — as well as a half-dozen of our 40+ installations — only a few minutes before showtime officially commenced).

Whether you were there or not, you can check out the OVF Facebook page for post-event feedback, Vine videos and photos (including a gorgeous set from professional photographer Eric Swanson, as the campus moved from dusk to darkness); check out the Twitter chatter about OVF 2013; review the OVF 2013 posts I filed; and otherwise plan to make it to the next OVF, which is likely to happen on Friday, May 2, 2014. Thanks to everyone — faculty, staff, and most of all student artists — who contributed to making OVF 2013 a success! It’s been a pleasure shepherding OVF since its inception.