What I Did On My Summer “Vacation”

Nearly everyone has the illusion that professors have the summer “off.” Endless fruity drinks with little umbrellas and accompanying cevíche on a Mexican beach…

More accurately, the summer is a slight downshift, but with plenty going on. So what did I do on my summer “vacation”?

Headed to the Finger Lakes (my wife’s college reunion) and to L.A. on separate trips; attended the annual University Film and Video Association conference at Chapman University (documented here and here); consulted on the finalization of the just-released behind the scenes: The Boston Post; developed the narratives and consulted on other Shoot the Stars! 2012 promos (soon to be released); consulted on the development of a number of Shoot the Stars! 2013 scripts (selectees to be announced soon); coordinated some new Outdoor Vision Fest developments (details to come);  and worked on a new screenplay project that will stay under wraps for now.

Whew; now I’m ready for that fruity umbrella drink…

In the meantime, The Film School got a shoutout from Variety; The Princeton Review named Santa Fe University a “best college” in the West (it’s Princeton: they know stuff, right?); one alum (who studied screenwriting with me for a semester) was named one of the 25 new faces of independent filmmaking; another alum (who also studied screenwriting with me) surpassed 3 million hits on his YouTube Channel.

There goes Summer, and here comes the Fall…  Lots of student scripts ahead, and if there’s a Holy Spirit of screenwriting, let him descend and bless these efforts (I’ll accept the help of any deity, major or minor — screenwriters aren’t proud).

Waiter, I’ll have that mai-tai.