Shoot the Stars! – Season Two

Probably the most unexpected aspect of a fulltime professorship in screenwriting has been the expansion of my involvement in the entirety of media production workflow.

As a professional screenwriter working largely in traditional film and TV waters, I wrote screenplays on spec or for hire — and once in awhile, stayed onboard a project for late pre-production rewrites and even some production rewrites. That was really the extent of my involvement in production. (One of my professional projects, however, involved reviewing a rough cut of an already produced low-budget feature film and then having to write an additional 20 minutes of content slated for “guerilla-style” production — in order to create some semblance of coherence in the narrative.)

As a professor at SFUAD‘s The Film School, I’ve moved much more into a creative producer and creative consultant capacity (this is above and beyond teaching three screenwriting classes a semester), including:

  • Guiding the script development for our flagship initiative, Shoot the Stars!; and
  • Collaboratively overseeing in-house produced promotional videos which support Shoot the Stars!, SFUAD’s annual Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF), and The Film School. This includes conceptualizing the spot; typically scripting a “paper edit” when we’re assembling interviews, B-roll, and other materials (or writing a V.O. script); mentoring student interviewers when they’re asking questions and gathering answers (and once in a while sitting in the interviewer chair myself); and sitting with the student editor to help refine a cut, which can mean anything from music suggestions to restructuring a spot in post.

Our first promos for Shoot the Stars! – Season Two have just rolled out, so check out our 30-second infographic video explaining just what Shoot the Stars! is — and then enjoy our first teaser for Season Two.