Making History in ‘Game Over’ Scenes

Blair drowning his sorrows - "game over" in Wing Commander IVPerversely proud to be included in Cracked‘s round-up of “The 5 Most Sadistic ‘Game Over’ Scenes in Video Game History.” (Wing Commander IV, the script for which I co-authored, made #4.)

My partner Frank De Palma and I were always looking for ways to have a little more fun with “Game Over” sequences. In Wing Commander III, “game over” meant you actually got to see your coffin shot into space like a photon torpedo. (Cold comfort, but at least the government spent money on you when you bought the farm!)

I’ve never been above a little bit of sadism in a creative context.

Coincidentally, Wing Commander III is being offered for free via Origin’s “On the House” promotion through September 2, 2014. To quote IGN, “download some retro-style space combat.” See how it was done nearly a generation ago…