Outdoor Vision Fest™ 2015 – Planning Underway

In 2010, then Graphic Design Professor Stephen Lee and I brainstormed possible collaborations between the worlds of interactive design and cinematic arts within the confines of Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD). The result was Outdoor Vision Fest™ (OVF), which debuted in April 2011. Lo these many years later, I continue to shepherd (or executive produce) OVF, now in its 5th iteration — working side-by-side with incredibly talented faculty colleagues and students across multiple disciplines and departments. In the 5 years, OVF has grown into a significant community event and launchpoint for artistic installations and even careers.

Our show night this year is May 1, 2015 — right on the campus of SFUAD. Here’s this year’s sizzle reel: