Outdoor Vision Fest® 2017 Media Tour Commences

I’ll be guesting on “The Richard Eeds Show” (KVSF, 101.5FM, “the Voice of Santa Fe”) this Friday, April 7, at 9am MDT — to kick off 2017’s Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF) OVF2017Postermedia tour. This is the 7th year of OVF, and I’m thrilled to again be executive-producing the event (which I’ve done since co-founding it in 2011), working with Santa Fe University of Art and Design faculty colleagues Brad Wolfley, Tom Miller, Jason Goodyear and others.

In 2016 we attracted some 3800 attendees to the campus for an exciting night of cutting-edge media installations, 100% created by undergraduate students. This year we’re hoping to do even better — and we’re bringing in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (via the Blippar app, available on iOS and Android — download today!) and other new media toys to further enhance the OVF experience.

OVF is one night only: April 28, kicking off at 8:45pm — and it’s free to the public!

You can livestream this Friday’s broadcast here. Joining me will be Film major Katrina Vollbracht, discussing her planned installation and the experience of participating in OVF. I’ll also let you know when the archived podcast is up.

If you’re in the Santa Fe area, you should also know that OVF is coming to Meow Wolf Friday night, April 7, at 8pm. OVF student artists will preview upcoming installations, and the performance stage will be taken over by bands like Space Mob and Massively Parallel. You want merchandise? We’ve got vintage OVF T-shirts, vintage OVF posters, and vintage OVF DVDs. You can’t get too much OVF, right?