New Horizons

2-Way Profile Orig Square too_old shaan.jpgI’ve kept a very low profile online this past year, partly because I’ve still been employed full-time as a screenwriting professor at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and partly because I’ve been working on several new projects that will gradually begin seeing the light of day in the months ahead.

Thus, I’m very excited to publicly unveil 2-WAY, a feature film screenplay of mine that I’m also exec-producing. As is usually the case these days, my partners and I will be documenting the development, pre-production and production journey of 2-WAY via the Web and social media, and we would love you to share the journey!

You can like 2-WAY‘s Facebook page here, keep tabs on 2-WAY‘s Twitter feed here, and check out 2-WAY‘s Instagram feed here. We’re easily findable using the handle @2waythemovie. And we encourage you to use the hashtag #twowaythemovie if you’re sharing any posts or information with friends (and we really encourage you to do this!).

If you’re connected with me on Facebook, I’ll be extending an invitation to you in the next day or so to like 2-WAY‘s page, but there’s no need to wait! — You can like and follow us right away.

It’s easy for a Marvel or Star Wars movie to find an audience; it’s much tougher for an independent feature film. So, yes, I’m asking that you spread the word regarding 2-WAY, starting now. In the months ahead, I’ll let you know how else you can get involved with the movie — and, of course, I’ll let you know much more about the movie itself (hint: it’s not a superhero yarn, and it’s not set in space). But it’s never too early to spread the word about the film — and join us on Facebook and/or Twitter and/or Instagram (search for @2waythemovie) for regular updates. Hope to see you there!