One Office, Two Views

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This marks the wrap-up of my time at The Film School at Santa Fe University of Art and Design (which is closing — lock, stock and barrel — on June 30, 2018). I moved into this office in 2010, when hired as full-time screenwriting faculty for the University. Our high watermark — as a department — might have been in 2016 when we were named by trade publication Variety as one of the “entertainment schools on the move.”

Certainly that was our goal.

For me, the best part of the job these past 8 years was the challenge of building a top level program from scratch (I’m a writer: building something from nothing is what I do).

That included creating and managing the department’s social media; writing and producing numerous department promos; drafting numerous proposals and initiatives; mentoring 5 seasons of Shoot the Stars!®; founding and executive-producing Outdoor Vision Fest® (which became one of the premiere one-night events in Santa Fe); and — oh, yeah — teaching.

All of the above happened partially or fully in my office (even the teaching — since individual meetings with students constituted a good portion of the instruction and mentoring).

The attractions of Santa Fe made it possible to attract a higher-caliber faculty than would typically be possible in such a small city, and I feel truly blessed to have worked alongside such gifted, creative colleagues (full-time and part-time) this past decade. The day-to-day is what you really know, and that was the part of the job for which there was no doubt.

The rest?… You don’t know. At UC Berkeley, I studied with giants in their fields — Seamus Heaney, Thom Gunn, and Ishmael Reed, among others. Do they know what a profound impact they had on the entirety of my career?

They don’t. I was one of many students of theirs. And as a professor, you don’t ever get issued a preview of the next several decades of the lives of your students.

You just hope you make a difference of some kind.

So to all the students who spent time in my courses: it was a pleasure engaging and interacting with you, pushing you, and watching you grow and mature. I wish you all the success in the world in the years ahead.

In conclusion, two views of my office (room 208 in the Garson Communications Center): 1) up above, operational, and 2) down below, emptied out.

I’m not very sentimental about most buildings, and I won’t be doing any drive-bys of my old campus office at night. Que será, será.

In the meantime, some interesting adventures lie ahead. One of them is my feature film script 2-WAY, which I’m executive producing as we complete funding and head towards production (by the end of 2018, if the stars, checkbook and schedules all align).

What, you haven’t liked 2-WAY on Facebook yet? Well, now’s the time. (No reward in waiting.)

And I’ve got a few other things brewing. Stay tuned.