The 20/20 on 2020

It’s probably appropriate that a post about the new year gets published January 31, when the year’s already well underway. (You can see I spend a little time at Albuquerque’s Sunport: here’s a shot just before dawn one Monday morning.) So here’s the professional update:

  • Continuing teaching screenwriting as a Visiting Professor in Ringling College of Art+Design’s Film department. (That’s me in the ballcap in the rear left of the group photo, at a recent colloquy with producer Paul (“Rushmore”) Schiff and actor Bradley (“West Wing”, “Us”) Whitford.)
  • Continuing co-producing 2-WAY, my road-trip feature film set in the American Southwest. We’re partially funded, but we can’t pull the trigger on pre-production until we’re fully funded. Thus, a lot of legalese, as depicted in this stack of documents. Like to indulge in some 2-WAY media appearances? You can!
  • I’ve got another feature film currently making the funding rounds (a period piece set in 1960s California), and 2 other feature film screenplays currently in development (both likely to shoot in New Mexico, if funding’s secured.

OK: back to writing, back to teaching, back to hopping on a plane. More when news warrants…