Writer For Hire

My Visiting Professorship in Ringling College of Art+Design’s Film Department has officially ended after a wonderful two-year stint (allowing me a chance to experience a part of the country I’d never been in before). Working with Ringling Film‘s undergraduates was a privilege, and I was never more impressed than seeing their grace and equanimity when confronted by this ugly pandemic in the Spring. Having had to essentially flee the campus over Spring Break, they pursued their studies with rigor for the second half of the semester, as we made a new classroom home in Zoom. And I wish them much success as they earn their degrees and commence pursuing their careers.

For the first time in a decade, I’m not employed full-time as a college professor. Which means I’m hanging out my shingle as a writer-for-hire, script doctor and script consultant — while simultaneously writing and producing my own projects under the banner of Tzib Media and Vista Bella Films.

If you need any of the above content development services (or know someone who does), please get in touch (I’m easily found on LinkedIn and Facebook). I am a member of the Writers Guild of America and always compliant with Working Rule #8, but the Guild’s new MBA offers a lot of flexibility in terms of compensation. Script consulting, of course, does not fall under their domicile.

Profound global events like the current pandemic often trigger an explosion of new content and new ways of looking at the world. We’ve all got stories to tell. I’m excited about the opportunity of focusing purely on creative work in the months ahead…