Pandemic Life

The pandemic can literally make each of us invisible, given the near-obliteration of public life and social activites. And writers historically will tend towards invisibility anyway, if they’re in the middle of a project.

So as we move fully into 2021 (President Biden’s inauguration seeming to be the real marker for a new year and new beginning), just a brief update on my professional doings. (The photo is from an earlier time when outdoor dining was still considered “safe”. Mask off, champagne ready.)

I’m currently revising a first draft of a new feature film screenplay that we might provisionally title Another Interstate Highway Project (see my film 2-WAY for the first interstate highway project). The goal (as with 2-WAY) is to shoot the film in New Mexico, using primarily local actors, for under a million dollars. My producing partner and I are excited by potential underwriting opportunities: of course, if you’re reading this and would like to get in on the ground floor of the film’s investments, please be in touch. 🙂

Meanwhile, 2-WAY continues to slowly gain financial backing. The pandemic, unfortunately, has probably set us back a year. After a modest Indiegogo campaign for the film, my partner and I are now pursuing private equity backing — which is much more difficult to do when you’re Zooming, rather than meeting potential investors face-to-face.

Nevertheless, we soldier on. Luckily staying safe in a pandemic. My heartfelt condolences to any of you who have lost a loved one to coronavirus, and know that we’ve all felt the pain of this pandemic through lost connections, lost opportunities and lost income.