Vista Bella Films

vbf_prospectusJust a check-in as Spring hastens towards Summer…and as the pandemic seems to be waning (I hope everyone’s gotten vaccinated or has a vaccination appointment on their docket)…

As you may know, my production company — Vista Bella Films — is pursuing independent financing for the production of low-budget feature films set in New Mexico and to be made by New Mexicans. We continue making (slow) progress towards completing the funding for my feature film screenplay 2-WAY (a screenshot of part of one slide in our investor prospectus deck accompanies this post). We hope to be in production prior to the end of the year. The pandemic certainly slowed our progress, but it feels like we’re now picking up momentum with our private equity offering (SEC regulations require that I say no more).

A new, completed feature film screenplay (which will go under the pseudonym Another Interstate Project, because we don’t want to go public with it yet) is now being budgeted and prepped for a separate private equity offering. In one respect, it’s a road movie that’s mostly not on the road. More details in the future…

And I’m currently developing a new feature film screenplay that’s again set in New Mexico and can be produced for under a million dollars. Call it Another New Mexican Project.

Separate from the Vista Bella Films projects is a feature film screenplay that’s a period piece set in the Bay Area: a somewhat bigger budget project that my partner and I are trying to set up in a different way.

For the first time in several decades, I’m not simultaneously teaching in higher education (that could change, of course): so it’s meant more time spent on original intellectual property (which is what all writers initially get into the pursuit of writing for).

One saying we have for Vista Bella Films is that our stories have “no guns, no violence, no superheros and no spaceships.” We’re focused on stories about the human heart, and our shared struggle to better define our lives and the world around us. If you haven’t already, follow my posts and keep track of our progress in the months ahead.