Podcast – “NM Film Works”

radioYou can catch the podcast of September 10’s NM Film Works radio broadcast; I come in at the 21-minute mark with host Trish Lopez to discuss screenwriting, Mastering Celtx, and an exciting new event we’re launching in the Moving Image Arts department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.


Back on the radio with MASTERING CELTX

I’ll be back on local radio in Northern New Mexico this weekend, discussing Mastering Celtx, along with a new annual event we’re launching at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

The radio show is called NM Film Works, hosted by Trish Lopez of the New Mexico Film Office. Air times and stations:

  • Santa Fe and surroundings: Saturday, September 10 at 11am on 1260-AM
  • Albuquerque and surroundings: Sunday, September 11 at 12noon on 1350-AM.

Sadly, there is no live online streaming, but the show will be archived online early next week, and I’ll post the location for online playback then.

Latest Endeavors

Working on setting up several new Fall initiatives for Santa Fe University’s Moving Image Arts department; as well as continuing to promote Mastering Celtx and developing some instructional resources (syllabus, classroom exercises) for the book, to further encourage its use as a textbook in high school, college and continuing ed classes. Further news bulletins as conditions warrant…  🙂

Santa Fe University Press Release

Santa Fe University of Art and Design has been kind enough to spotlight my new book in a press release.

Don’t forget that you can find out all about Mastering Celtx on the book’s dedicated blog — where you can find easy links to purchasing the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

‘Mastering Celtx’ officially released

Mastering CeltxThe day of Mastering Celtx‘s official release has arrived.  Find the book on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, or just about any other online book vendor you prefer. You can walk into a brick-and-mortar Barnes & Noble or Borders and also order the book for pickup.

Can’t get enough of Mastering Celtx? Check out the book’s blog and Twitter feed. Love to hear what you think.

‘Mastering Celtx’ blog

The Mastering Celtx blog now joins the Twitter feed. The blog is also published on my Amazon author page, and it’ll explore screenwriting and pre-production issues and how Celtx can typically offer solutions.

The blog will also convey news about the book, instructional resources, and occasional speaking appearances and radio interviews I undertake. Check it out if you’ve got an interest in screenwriting or producing media; comments can be left and if you decide to share a post via Facebook, Twitter, or other social media, I’ll be flattered indeed.

‘Mastering Celtx’ on Twitter

My new book Mastering Celtx will soon be published, and in the meantime, you can follow the Mastering Celtx Twitter feed — for the latest book news and Celtx news.