Making History in ‘Game Over’ Scenes

Blair drowning his sorrows - "game over" in Wing Commander IVPerversely proud to be included in Cracked‘s round-up of “The 5 Most Sadistic ‘Game Over’ Scenes in Video Game History.” (Wing Commander IV, the script for which I co-authored, made #4.)

My partner Frank De Palma and I were always looking for ways to have a little more fun with “Game Over” sequences. In Wing Commander III, “game over” meant you actually got to see your coffin shot into space like a photon torpedo. (Cold comfort, but at least the government spent money on you when you bought the farm!)

I’ve never been above a little bit of sadism in a creative context.

Coincidentally, Wing Commander III is being offered for free via Origin’s “On the House” promotion through September 2, 2014. To quote IGN, “download some retro-style space combat.” See how it was done nearly a generation ago…

‘Mastering Celtx’ officially released

Mastering CeltxThe day of Mastering Celtx‘s official release has arrived.  Find the book on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, or just about any other online book vendor you prefer. You can walk into a brick-and-mortar Barnes & Noble or Borders and also order the book for pickup.

Can’t get enough of Mastering Celtx? Check out the book’s blog and Twitter feed. Love to hear what you think.

‘Mastering Celtx’ on Twitter

My new book Mastering Celtx will soon be published, and in the meantime, you can follow the Mastering Celtx Twitter feed — for the latest book news and Celtx news.

MASTERING CELTX Available for Pre-Order

Mastering CeltxMy new book Mastering Celtx is being published by Cengage Learning, and can now be pre-ordered at any of your favorite booksellers (brick-and-mortar, and online).

Celtx describes itself as an all-in-one media pre-production tool. For years, novice and professional screenwriters have had to spend a good chunk of change for either Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter in order to compose and distribute professional looking screenplays. Celtx is open-source and free.

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Consulting at Teesside University (NE England)

This Monday I head to Teesside University in northeast England to do some consulting for the Digital Futures Institute, aiming to contribute to the advancement of intelligent narrative technologies in the realm of simulation and virtual world environments (yes, it is a bit esoteric).

It’s exciting to be at a nexus of storytelling and technology, and seeing if some new ground can be broken in combining the two.  More bulletins to come…

Podcast on Game Storytelling and Writing

Game Central LogoThe guys at have been cranking out hour-long weekly podcasts for a couple of years, and decided to interview me for this week’s podcast.  They came armed with a bunch of questions, and I did my best to come up with some answers. It was nice revisiting the work we did on the Wing Commander game series many years ago.  Take a listen and enjoy!

Listen to the Game Central podcast with Terry Borst

A night at Barnes & Noble – Santa Monica

Barnes and Noble book panel - May 19Following our book panel and signing at Barnes & Noble on Wed., May 19 (for Write Your Way Into Animation and Games), from left to right:  Jeannie, who was good enough to buy a book; contributing author Carolyn Miller; yours truly (contributing author Terry Borst); our moderator Susan Spohr; and contributing author Jean Ann Wright. Thanks to all who attended (and thanks to B&N staff)!

Good talk at UNM ArtsLab

Just a snapshot of Terry Borst at ArtsLab 02 Apr 10my talk on my book End to End Game Development at UNM ArtsLab on Friday, April 2.  Good turnout, good discussion, and thanks to the ArtsLab for making it happen.

Listen to ‘Cinemascope’ radio program

Even if you missed the live broadcast of my solo guest shot on KSFR-FM’s half-hour ‘Cinemascope‘, you can find the broadcast here. Just click on the embedded MP3 link to stream the interview. (You’ll find an earlier broadcast as well.) Topics include my new book, an upcoming screenwriting seminar I’m teaching for the Film Program at Santa Fe Community College, and the role of screenwriting in the 21st century.

Speaking at UNM ArtsLab April 2 – Digital Lunch

I’ll be speaking at the University of New Mexico’s ArtsLab Friday, April 2 at noon, as part of their ongoing Digital Lunch series.

The topic will be my new book End to End Game Development, published by Focal Press.  I plan to offer a quick sampling of serious game output, and discuss some of the unique issues faced by developers of serious games, persuasive games and simulations.

If you find yourself in Albuquerque on that date, please come!