Midnight Runaround

Screenplay by Terry Borst and Frank De Palma

Midnight Run Around picks up where the popular movie Midnight Run (starring Robert DeNiro) left off. L.A. bounty hunter Jack Walsh is still trying to make a living by tracking down “skips”.

But the job never seems to be as easy as it should be…

Chris MacDonald (Quiz Show) took over the Jack Walsh role and did a nice job with it. Kyle Secor (NBC’s “Homicide”) is the “skip”, and Dan Hedaya is a very funny bail bondsman.

My writing partner Frank De Palma directed, and we had a lot of fun working this territory.  You can check out the IMDB listing here (and yes, we wrote all the cool dialogue that’s cited) and the Wikipedia entry here.

MIdnight Runaround (in Hungarian)Midnight Run Around aired in March 1994 as part of Universal TV‘s “Action Pak” of weekly syndicated made-for-TV movies. It’s aired in Europe and has played theatrically there. Sadly, while it seems to be available as an illegal Bit Torrent download, the film is not currently available on DVD or videotape in English. (But here we have a Hungarian box cover for the film. VHS? DVD?)

I wish it would air on domestic TV again: I’d collect more residuals…