Serious Games and Simulations


Leaders screengrab

Leaders was a collaboration between Paramount Pictures, the U.S. Army, and USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies.  I was brought in on the Paramount Pictures side of things to help design the dramatic content around the teaching points, and script the cut scenes and interactive scenarios.  Using the Unreal game engine, the creative team built a 3D immersive environment that would be a training ground for leadership skills. The user played an Army captain tasked with taking over command of a company stationed in Afghanistan.  Leaders advanced the cause of interactive military training, and is documented fairly extensively in Story and Simulations for Serious Games, my first book for Focal Press.

Fully Involved

Fully Involved box cover
Fully Involved

Fully Involved was a training simulation for new incident commanders in firefights. The goal was for the user to learn how to be an effective incident commander before going out on the job itself. I was brought in to collaborate on game design, and script the hundreds of potential interactions between incident commander, subordinate firefighters, civilians and radio dispatch.

Built in Torque, the simulation was completed successfully in less than a year, and now serves firefighters throughout the country .

The game’s development is documented extensively in the upcoming End to End Game Development, which I co-wrote for Focal Press (publication date: December 2009).

Other Projects

  • Scripted dialog for a safe-sex serious game
  • Collaborated on the early design of Raven Island, a virtual world designed to teach kids about the dangers of fire and other safety hazards
  • Built a fictional social network for a data mining test bed