Mastering CeltxMastering Celtx (Course Technology). The first book to comprehensively cover the use of Celtx, an open-source all-in-one media pre-production tool. Take a look at 21st century approaches to the outlining and authoring of scripts, as well as connecting scripts to research, storyboarding, breakdowns, production scheduling and more. Write your script on your iPhone or iPad, and collaborate with others in your production team using Celtx Studios. Available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. Kindle or Nook editions? Of course!

End to End Game Development (Focal Press) – Co-written with Nick Iuppa. For novice game developers looking to develop independent games, serious games and simulations: a complete walkthrough of the conceptualization, preproduction, production and post-production process, with a further look at marketing and assessment. Available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

Story and Simulations for Serious GamesStory and Simulations for Serious Games (Focal Press) – Co-written with Nick Iuppa. How classic Hollywood storytelling techniques can apply to the design of serious games and simulations. Case studies and information about production flow and tool selection are all included. Read a sample chapter. Also available at Barnes & Noble. And you’ll find a portion of it at Google Books.

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