Back to (Film) School

When you’re a college professor, the summers go by in a blur — particularly when almost half the summer still pertains to all of the various Outdoor Vision Fest® extensions and permutations that have evolved, including OVF@Currents, OVF@ArtFeast, OVF@Hobbs and OVF@FantaseFest.

The rest of the summer was dedicated to a couple of under-wraps script projects — and here we are in the Fall already, halfway through the semester’s multiple screenwriting courses that I teach, and deep into Season 4 of The Film School‘s Shoot the Stars!® initiative.

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Santuario: Timelessness and Transformation

Careers are always strange and unpredictable things. When I went to film school at UCLA, I never imagined that I would someday be writing scripts for videogames; it was, after all, the era of Pac-Man and Centipede. Power pellets and poisoned mushrooms aside, neither game was a media experience heavy on narrative.

The Santuario - in glorious daylight.
The Santuario – in glorious daylight.

The first time I came to Santa Fe as a Visiting Professor of Screenwriting, more than a decade ago, I (like nearly every tourist) visited the City Different’s beloved Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (typically known as the Santuario), the ancient Catholic church set along the Santa Fe River. Built at about the time the Declaration of Independence was being signed, the chapel served Santa Fe’s poor farmers alongside the river bank just west of downtown, and was devoted specifically to Our Lady of Guadalupe — whose own semiotics knits together Indian, Spanish, and Mexican cultural identities and puts a distinctly New World stamp on Catholicism.

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Outdoor Vision Fest™ 2015 a Wrap

ovf_logoOur 5th outing of Outdoor Vision Fest™ attracted its biggest crowd to date (see the handy-dandy chart at the bottom of this post), and despite a few glitches, garnered essentially universal acclaim on Twitter and Instagram.

One of the best aspects of having co-created and then shepherded OVF these past years has been working with up&comers like The Maya Spectra and VJ Buran; alumni who are already making an impact on Santa Fe’s media and cultural affairs scenes (Keith Ryan Riggs, Katelyn Peer, and Seth Fuller, to name a few); talented guest artists like choreographer Jocelyne Danchick; and faculty colleagues Brad Wolfley and Tom Miller.

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Interviewed for this week’s Santa Fe Reporter

SF Reporter logoYou’ll find my Film School colleague Professor Brad Wolfley and I interviewed for this week’s Santa Fe Reporter, discussing (what else?) this Friday’s Outdoor Vision Fest. The article was written and photographed by SFUAD student interns.

Currents 2011

Successfully co-supervised the exhibition of Santa Fe University student animation and motion graphic work at the opening night of Currents 2011 this Friday night, June 10 — along with Professors Brad Wolfley and Tom Miller.

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