From London With Love

BUGS Writing Staff - Fall 1997
Americans in London: writing partner Frank De Palma on the far left, and Terry Borst (in plaid shirt) third from the left. Producer Stuart Doughty immediately to the right of Borst, along with the other UK staffers. Bugs writing staff, Fall 1997, London.

From the vaults on #tbt: a photo of me in the Bugs writers’ room in the offices of Carnival Films: London, Fall 1997. (it’s amazing what you stumble across in cleaning out the garage.)

Bugs was something of a cross between the old TV series Mission Impossible and The Avengers. You can get the full story on my participation in Bugs here.

Clearly, diversity in the writers’ room wasn’t the highest priority on Bugs, but hey! — at least we were multi-national. I’m very proud of the work we did on the show: within its genre confines, it was known for being witty and brainy. (Those are adjectives I can live with.)

Though airing only briefly in the States in the early days of the Starz channel, the show was a BBC staple in the late ’90s and was syndicated in dozens of countries: it continues to play to this day…