Foundations of Digital Games Conference

I’m currently co-writing a paper to be presented at a future academic conferencethe Foundations of Digital Games Conference held in Monterey in June 2010, exploring narrative schemas and how much these schemas can be tapped to help design serious games and simulations. Huh?! Don’t worry — I’ll fill you in more if the paper’s accepted.

This is something of a follow-up to my contribution to the AAAI Spring Symposium on Intelligent Narrative Technologies in Spring 2009. As a practicing screenwriter and as a college professor, I think about narrative a lot, and it’s been interesting to contribute to the discussion of deepening designed narrative in simulation environments.

Synapse to Screen 1.0 Conference

I’ll be speaking and presenting at the first annual Synapse to Screen Conference being held in conjunction with the Santa Fe Film Festival on Wednesday, December 3. The conference looks at media content creation tools, and pre-production and production tools.

I’ll be comparing tools like Celtx, Movie Magic Screenwriter and Final Draft, both from an outlining/brainstorming standpoint and from the actual scripting standpoint.

The full slate of presenters is still being put together, but it’ll be interesting to see how big an audience exists for an event focused on scripting, budgeting and scheduling tools.

Screenwriting Conference at Santa Fe – 2010

I’ll be returning to the Screenwriting Conference at Santa Fe, conducting another 3-day mentor session, in June 2010. This year we’re going to be more lab-focused. The Conference has been a lot of fun in the years I’ve been doing it, and I’ve been honored to have faculty colleagues like Kirk Ellis and Cynthia Whitcomb. If you’re looking to attend a screenwriting conference, this is a pretty nice one to be at. (And an update: I understand A-list feature writer Josh Olsen will be a fellow mentor.)