End of the Semester at Film@SFUAD

We’ve concluded the semester at Film@SFUAD (the new nickname for The Film School at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, a bit of a mouthful) with the successful launch of Shoot the Stars!, a unique initiative designed to bring name screen acting talent to topline student-written, -directed and -produced short films. I was privileged to shepherd script development and share in the mentoring of electronic press kit and transmedia development as well. (I’m unaware of any other film school in the country that actually does this.)

You can meet the directors here: Katelyn Peer of THE BOSTON POST and Brett Shapiro of MAX DANGEROUS — both students of mine. (And I promise a future promo will feature the screenwriters.)

Check out the Tumblr blogs for THE BOSTON POST and MAX DANGEROUS, as well as Max’s Twitter feed.

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Summertime and the Living Is Easy

Summer news often slows down, but just to correct the impression that professors somehow get a 3-month “paid vacation”, here’s some of my day-to-day since filing final grades a month ago: