Guesting on KSFR-FM’s ‘Cinema Scope’ Oct.17, 6:30pm

KSFR 101.1 FMA brand-new script reading series — Black Shirt Reads — is debuting in Santa Fe next week (more details to come), and as part of that, I’ll be guesting on KSFR-FM‘s weekly Cinema Scope this Friday night (October 17), 6:30pm, at 101.1 on the old radio dial. (If you’re out of the broadcast area, or have decided radios are a relic of the 20th century, you can also stream the broadcast live, of course.)

Black Shirt Reads is the brainchild of co-principals Kathleen Dexter and Joanna Smith-Thole, who have both studied with local screenwriter Kirk Ellis and placed well in screenwriting competitions. With the demise of the long-running Screenwriting Conference at Santa Fe (where both Kirk and I served as faculty for a number of years), they’ve developed a quarterly event to produce and deliver table readings with some of the best actors in town .

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In the Classroom

College classrooms have come a long way since their depiction in The Paper Chase — and in 2014 you’re always in the public eye when you’re teaching (or doing anything else, for that matter), courtesy of Twitter and Instagram… Continue reading “In the Classroom”

Backstage: The Film School

backstage logoBackstage (formerly just the Magazine, but now also ubiquitous across the Internets) quotes me a few times (along with my colleagues Chris Eyre and Paula Amanda) as it spotlights recent developments at The Film School at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Needless to say, we like it when the Biz takes notice, as we’re doing some pretty cool things in Santa Fe. If you’re bopping down Hollywood Boulevard or Vine Street, pick it up at a newsstand; otherwise, read it online.

Shoot the Stars! – Season Two

Probably the most unexpected aspect of a fulltime professorship in screenwriting has been the expansion of my involvement in the entirety of media production workflow.

As a professional screenwriter working largely in traditional film and TV waters, I wrote screenplays on spec or for hire — and once in awhile, stayed onboard a project for late pre-production rewrites and even some production rewrites. That was really the extent of my involvement in production. Continue reading “Shoot the Stars! – Season Two”

Shoot the Stars! – 2013

More on what a screenwriting professor does when he’s not teaching classes, reviewing student scripts or reading script analysis assignments:

The Film School at Santa Fe University of Art and Design is now in its second year of Shoot the Stars! — a unique initiative that brings name talent to topline student-written, -directed, -shot and -edited short film productions. Continue reading “Shoot the Stars! – 2013”

Pushkin Gallery Prize

Boris Chetkov Russian Art Week logoProfessors do more than show up to classes and direct traffic for those 2-hour or 3-hour time blocks. That’s only a portion of the day-to-day work.

One of the most rewarding aspects of a professorship is creating opportunities for undergraduate students. During 2013, my colleague Professor Brad Wolfley and I developed the first annual Pushkin Gallery Prize in collaboration with Gallery curator Rosa Robinson and owner Kenneth Pushkin (and it should be noted that it was a real privilege to work with both).

The co-winners of the Prize, Film School student artists Chelsey Danielsen and Keith Ryan Riggs, were publicly announced at the end of October 2013 (you’ll find yours truly quoted inside the linked press release).

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