George RR Martin Screenwriting Grant

L to R: George RR Martin, Dirk Norris, Ginny Cerrella, Ed Khmara, Carolyn Miller, Terry Borst. Exclude Dirk, and you're seeing the majority of the WGA membership in Santa Fe.
L to R: George RR Martin (yeah, you know who he is), Dirk Norris (Director of the New Mexico Film Foundation), and screenwriters Ginny Cerrella, Ed Khmara, Carolyn Miller, Terry Borst outside the Jean Cocteau Cinema. (Photo courtesy L.Carfagno.)

I had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural George RR Martin Screenwriting Grant as one of the WGA professionals judging submissions and selecting a winning entry — which turned out to be a proposed television series entitled “Disempowered,” written by Santa Fean Kevin Atkinson, and awarded to him on November 8 at the Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe.

The grant was administered by the New Mexico Film Foundation, aiming to grow the above-the-line talent in the state, and was open only to state residents.

You can soak up some of the vibe from the award night (which also dovetailed with the 20th anniversary screening of Earth 2, a TV series shot in New Mexico and at Garson Studios), and catch a few more photos of me hanging out with my screenwriting colleagues at this NM Film Foundation photo album.

GRRM Screenwriting Grant

NMFFI’ve been contributing a bit of time to the New Mexico Film Foundation to help the Foundation launch a new screenwriting grant (generously underwritten by novelist/screenwriter George R.R. Martin, a Santa Fe resident himself) — expressly for New Mexico residents working in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

You can enjoy Foundation director Dirk Norris’s live unveiling of the grant here. Deadline for submissions is September 15, and one very talented entrant will be winning the grant in early November to help him/her complete and polish an original feature film or television pilot script. Full details on the grant webpage referred to in paragraph 1.

Good luck to all the entrants (and who knows? — some of them may be my students)!

Bonus video below: my wife Carolyn Miller, my colleague Hank Rogerson and myself at the event where the grant was unveiled.