My trip to Teesside

Teesside University logoThe trip to Teesside University went well, and it was exciting to see the cutting-edge research the Digital Futures Institute was conducting in the arena of interactive storytelling, and contribute in a small way to some of their explorations.  My thanks to director Marc Cavazza and researchers Julie Porteous and Jonathan Teutenberg for sharing some of their work with me.

Check out the Santa Fe University of Art and Design‘s press release about the visit; my wife and I are now off to Edinburgh for a brief visit to Scotland before returning to the U.S. for Christmas.

Consulting at Teesside University (NE England)

This Monday I head to Teesside University in northeast England to do some consulting for the Digital Futures Institute, aiming to contribute to the advancement of intelligent narrative technologies in the realm of simulation and virtual world environments (yes, it is a bit esoteric).

It’s exciting to be at a nexus of storytelling and technology, and seeing if some new ground can be broken in combining the two.  More bulletins to come…