OVF 2014 Recap

A recap of Outdoor Vision Fest™ 2014, produced by RiffRaff Media. I’m featured in a few of the faculty soundbites.


Lightning and rain permitting, my colleague Professor Brad Wolfley and I (representing The Film School at SFUAD) are launching (in partnership with Canyon Road’s famed Pushkin Gallery) a new initiative we’re calling OVF@Pushkin.

Each Friday night, OVF@Pushkin will be reprising an installation from SFUAD’s annual Outdoor Vision Fest — using the gallery’s historic architecture at 550 Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

For the inaugural outing, student artist Chris Beran will be live-mixing visual loops and electronic music. Most of the galleries are closed by nightfall, but tourists continue to art-window shop, and both tourists and locals head to two of Santa Fe’s finest restaurants, The Compound (tip: they have a great, inexpensive bar menu) and Geronimo. Pushkin Gallery has been a tremendous supporter of SFUAD and The Film School, and we’re honored to be working with them on this new initiative.

Hey, go support our Film students, the local art scene and the local restaurant scene.

OVF 2014

OVF 2014 Boombox
OVF student installation before projection mapping: fueled by energy drinks.

OVF 2014 has come and gone — more than 50 student installations debuting, and a truly great crowd (although we don’t have a final count yet). The Albuquerque Journal North quoted me a few times in this article, published the morning of the May 2 show. (And for fun, here’s a snapshot of the May 1 Cinevision panel I spoke on, discussing emergent media.)

OVF 2015 is less than a year away (May 1, 2015 to be precise).

But before starting that prep, I swing my attention back to Final Projects and Final Exams at The Film School. When the spring semester concludes, I anticipate returning to the scripting of a couple of feature screenplays. Which means I should be keeping a lower profile in the months ahead…

Julia Goldberg Morning Show: Reprise

Podcast iconAnd in case you missed the live broadcast of the Julia Goldberg Morning Show (where I joined SFUAD colleague Jason Goodyear in chatting with Julia), here’s the link to the complete archived broadcast of the May 1 show. Fast-forward to the 30-minute mark, and you’ll get a full half-hour segment on all things Outdoor Vision Fest.

Cinevision Panel – May 1, 4pm

A reminder about the inaugural Cinevision event — a panel I’ll be appearing on hosted by New Mexico Lawyers for the Arts, called: Experiments in Light and Space. 4pm, Thursday, May 1, at The Screen in Santa Fe. Immersive dome artist and consultant Ethan Bach has been added to the panel. Come out if you can! We’ll try to make it super-interesting and informative …

On Julia Goldberg Morning Show May 1, 8:30am MDT

KVSF-FM logoStill getting the word out about Outdoor Vision Fest™ (happening the night of May 2), I’ll be joining Julia Goldberg on her eponymous Morning Show this Thursday, May 1, at around 8:30am MDT — on KVSF, 101.5 FM. I’ll be accompanied by SFUAD Contemporary Music Contributing Faculty member Jason Goodyear, who has been guiding music efforts this year for OVF.

We’ll be previewing OVF installations and having a lively conversation with Julia. You can stream the broadcast here if you’re out of the listening area or just prefer listening to your radio on the Internet.

Podcast of Apr.24 ‘NM Film Works’ available

NM Film Works podcastThe podcast for my appearance on the April 24 New Mexico Film Works broadcast is available here, originally broadcast on KVSF-FM. I’m joined by Professor Tom Miller, and we talk about all things Outdoor Vision Fest™ with host Lindsey Valdez of the New Mexico Film Office. Enjoy if you missed the live broadcast!

Fri., Apr.25, 6:30pm MDT on KSFR’s ‘Cinema Scope’

KSFR 101.1 FMI’m on the air again this Friday, April 25, 6:30pm MDT to discuss SFUAD’s Outdoor Vision Fest™, joined by my colleague Professor Tom Miller, and studio arts major Chase Stafford. We’ll occupy half of the 30-minute show Cinema Scope, broadcast on KSFR, 101.5-FM. The host is Stu Goswick, who I’ve had the pleasure of being on the air with several times before. If you’re not in northern New Mexico, or nowhere near a radio, you can live-stream the show here.

Guesting on ‘NM Film Works’ Thurs., Apr.24

KVSF-FM logoI’ll be joining SFUAD colleague Professor Tom Miller (Studio Arts) in the radio booth again, as we guest on the weekly radio broadcast New Mexico Film Works, hosted by the Film Office‘s Lindsey Valdez, this Thursday, 11am MDt on KVSF-FM, 101.5 — all to talk about SFUAD’s annual Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF), coming up May 2 as darkness falls.

Listen to the live-stream of the broadcast here, or tune in to the FM frequency if you like listening the old-fashioned way. We’ll preview some of the nearly 50 installations debuting during the one-night (free!) event, and remind you to tweet using the hashtag #ovf2014.

Cinevision/NM Lawyers for the Arts panel – May 1

Cinevision logoOn Thursday, May 1 at 4pm, I’ll be guesting on a panel entitled Experiments in Space and Light: a Conversation on Emergent and New Media Projects … in New Mexico. The panel is being presented by New Mexico Lawyers for the Arts as part of the inaugural Cinevision Festival, which is being hosted by The Screen from May 1-4.

Scheduled guests include Currents New Media‘s co-principal Frank Ragano, Creative Santa Fe’s program director Katelyn Peer, and Lumenscapes Illumination Media‘s principal Joe Dean. One of the topics, will, of course, be Santa Fe University‘s Outdoor Vision Fest™ (OVF), which I co-founded and continue to pilot. But what’s interesting is how much OVF has beomce part of a much larger tapestry, as we grow and evolve 21st-century media making here in Northern New Mexico. Can collaborative efforts accelerate both creative and economic development in this arena? This panel hopes to find out!