Outdoor Vision Fest® – Best of Santa Fe

BOSF2016logoFor the second year in a row, readers of the Santa Fe Reporter have nominated Outdoor Vision Fest® as “Best (Event or Festival) of Santa Fe.” Now readers are selecting the winner for the category — and I would love anyone reading this to head on over to this webpage, and cast your vote for OVF® as “Best (Event or Festival).”

It seems a tad unfair that OVF is pitted against multi-day and sometimes multi-week festivals — and I would point out that the only other one-night-only event nominated in this category is the annual burning of Zozobra, which has been going on for nearly a century. (Environmental and safety note: we don’t burn anything at OVF.)

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Outdoor Vision Fest™ 2015 a Wrap

ovf_logoOur 5th outing of Outdoor Vision Fest™ attracted its biggest crowd to date (see the handy-dandy chart at the bottom of this post), and despite a few glitches, garnered essentially universal acclaim on Twitter and Instagram.

One of the best aspects of having co-created and then shepherded OVF these past years has been working with up&comers like The Maya Spectra and VJ Buran; alumni who are already making an impact on Santa Fe’s media and cultural affairs scenes (Keith Ryan Riggs, Katelyn Peer, and Seth Fuller, to name a few); talented guest artists like choreographer Jocelyne Danchick; and faculty colleagues Brad Wolfley and Tom Miller.

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Light On! – Santa Fe Reporter

SF Reporter logoThe Santa Fe Reporter gave Outdoor Vision Fest™ a nice shoutout in its latest issue, and quoted yours truly along with my esteemed professorial colleague Brad Wolfley. A very cool new installation, “Transcendence,” gets some of the spotlight, along with our very creative students making work.

This is a great chance to again advocate a vote for Outdoor Vision Fest™ as the “Best (Event or Festival) of Santa Fe” in the Reporter‘s annual “Best Of” competition — I would be personally very appreciative of the vote, and you don’t even need to be a Santa Fe resident to vote!

Outdoor Vision Fest – Nominated, “Best of Santa Fe”

SF Reporter logoIt’s been a heady week for Outdoor Vision Fest™, the annual Santa Fe University of Art and Design event that I (for lack of a better term) executive produce. A grant proposal I wrote secured funding for an “OVF Collective”/Fantase Fest installation to debut on June 20, 2015 (underwritten by New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs). (An aside: worth reminding your local New Mexico state legislator that NM Arts should get fully funded this year!)

And, just as excitingly, OVF was nominated by readers of the Santa Fe Reporter as “Best (Event) of Santa Fe,” competing — incredibly — against festivals like Indian Market and Santa Fe Fiestas, which have been around for many decades.

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Interviewed for this week’s Santa Fe Reporter

SF Reporter logoYou’ll find my Film School colleague Professor Brad Wolfley and I interviewed for this week’s Santa Fe Reporter, discussing (what else?) this Friday’s Outdoor Vision Fest. The article was written and photographed by SFUAD student interns.

Santa Fe Reporter Cover Story on Outdoor Vision Fest

The Santa Fe Reporter‘s cover story this week is on Santa Fe University’s Outdoor Vision Fest, and you’ll find I’m quoted as I discuss the event’s background and significance. Thanks to editor Alexa Schirtzinger and art director Corey Johnson for the spotlight on OVF!