TV Drama Writing Panel Debrief

The December 5 panel about TV Drama Writing at the Santa Fe Film Festival had a nearly full house at the Jean Cocteau Cinema. Great stories shared about how our panelists got into the business of writing for dramatic television; great insights into why television has truly become the dominant storytelling medium of our time; and interesting walkthroughs of the development process for both limited event series and weekly episodic series.

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University Film and Video Association (UFVA) 2013 Conference

UFVA logoI’m off to my first ever attendance at the annual University Film and Video Association (UFVA) Conference, being held this year at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts just outside of Los Angeles — one of the premiere film schools in the U.S.

This year’s conference theme is “Story First,” and of course, it’s never been a better time to discuss what it means to be a cinematic storyteller in the 21st century, and what contemporary audiences actually seek in terms of a good film story. Continue reading “University Film and Video Association (UFVA) 2013 Conference”

How to Make a Short Film 101

I’m credited as the screenwriter on this episode of the Arts Schools Network‘s Life in the Arts video-on-demand series, entitled How to Make a Short Film 101. And you’ll get to see me talk about screenwriting in the episode, along with my talented faculty colleagues and some of the talented undergraduates at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Enjoy!

‘Mastering Celtx’ officially released

Mastering CeltxThe day of Mastering Celtx‘s official release has arrived.  Find the book on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, or just about any other online book vendor you prefer. You can walk into a brick-and-mortar Barnes & Noble or Borders and also order the book for pickup.

Can’t get enough of Mastering Celtx? Check out the book’s blog and Twitter feed. Love to hear what you think.

UC Berkeley English Department Blog

UC Berkeley’s English Department is now maintaining a blog spotlighting alums, and the spotlight has just shined on me.  Thanks to John Lurz, editor of the blog.  It was a chance to revisit my classes and studies in Wheeler Hall, and reflect on how my degree in English has paid off in my career.

New Book Underway

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been contracted to write a book about screenwriting and media pre-production, scheduled to roll out in the first quarter of 2011.  More details towards the end of the year.  This’ll mean a lot of late, late nights until Christmas…

Santa Fe University of Art & Design Professorship

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been hired as the full-time professor of screenwriting at the newly christened Santa Fe University of Art & Design (formerly the College of Santa Fe).

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SCSFe 2010 Further Post-Mortem

Terry Borst at SCSFe 2010Not sure how he finds the time to do it (it’s a lesson for all of us), but screenwriter Bill Martell exhaustively details his perspective on this year’s Screenwriting Conference at Santa Fe. The snapshot accompanying this entry is yours truly outside his lab and seminar meeting room at The Lodge.  I’ve been serving as faculty at the conference since 2003, and you should check out the conference website and its Facebook page if you’re thinking about going in 2011 (I hope to be asked back as faculty again).

Screenwriting Conference at Santa Fe

SCSFe logoI’m excited to be back on the faculty of the upcoming Screenwriting Conference at Santa Fe running from June 1-June 6 in lovely Santa Fe, NM.  Heavy hitter screenwriters Kirk Ellis, Josh Olson and others join me on the faculty, and Oscar-winning producer Tony Marks and one of my graduate school professors and thesis advisors (Howard Suber) will be part of the Hollywood Connection portion of the conference.  Immerse yourself in screenwriting the first week in June: sign up for the conference!

Screenwriting and Entrepreneurialism

Attending the jointly sponsored Writers Guild of America and Mobile Entertainment Forum series of panels on Content Creation for Mobile Devices this past Saturday, I was reminded again how critical entrepreneurialism is to the 21st-century screenwriter.  The idea that screenwriters could just rely on their agents to do the selling was never really true:  but today’s effective screenwriter needs marketing and management skills like never before.