Continuing On For One Final Year at SFUAD

BorstAtSFUADSadly, Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) has announced its closure in 2018. With the academic year having recently concluded, I’ve been asked to stay on as a full-time professor in The Film School (where I’ve been teaching since 2009) for one final year — to ensure that seniors finish their BFA degree program.

I’m tremendously proud of the initiatives we launched and cultivated during my time at SFUAD: Outdoor Vision Fest® (OVF) and Shoot the Stars!®. OVF, of course, spun off into an astonishing number of directions, and had a real, long-lasting impact in Santa Fe and beyond.

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Shoot the Stars!® Season 4

As a screenwriting professor, my first priority is providing undergraduates a taste of the process of story development and screenwriting. If all goes well, at least some of those students will find a path into the world of media creation and will always know about some of the challenges and hurdles of screenwriting (rather than thinking any idiot can write a screenplay); a much smaller number may be involved in the development process or even be writing scripts themselves.

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Behind The Scenes – The Academic Year

“So what do you do when you’re not in the classroom during the academic year?” is a question I’m sometimes asked. This “behind the scenes” video offers a glimpse into some of the more creative work I get to do (as opposed to participating in intradepartmental and interdepartmental meetings).

You’ll see a few seconds of me on camera, and as with all the in-house videos (directed, shot and edited by students) we create at The Film School at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, I served as the story consultant and story editor for this particular spot promoting our Shoot the Stars! initiative. And it’s easy to find more Shoot the Stars!™ videos and Outdoor Vision Fest™ videos on Vimeo.

Shoot the Stars! – 2013

More on what a screenwriting professor does when he’s not teaching classes, reviewing student scripts or reading script analysis assignments:

The Film School at Santa Fe University of Art and Design is now in its second year of Shoot the Stars! — a unique initiative that brings name talent to topline student-written, -directed, -shot and -edited short film productions. Continue reading “Shoot the Stars! – 2013”